About The Kitchen

My name is Vicky and I live in the UK. Cooking since the age of 12, food has become one of my passions in life. I love experimenting, creating and sourcing.

My kitchen is onion free because I have an allergy to onions. This allergy extends to some extent to other allium family members, so I do not use scallions, chives or leek. I will sometimes use a small amount of garlic in a recipe, although I react mildly to it, but it is always optional.

For me, the allergy manifests itself very quickly after I eat the offending item - my eyelids swell, my tongue swells, my body starts to feel like it is trying to shut down, and I either pass out or have to lie down because I feel like I am being poisoned.

The worst offenders for me are dried onion, spring onion/scallions and raw onion. If the juices of raw onion have somehow touched salad leaves and I eat them, I get the reaction. It can make eating out very challenging! It's a shame as I used to love onion - especially spring onions. I still make mistakes - like the time I tried to pick the cooked red onion topping off some Moroccan hummus figuring the underneath hummus would be okay... It was not, but you live and you learn. I hope that one day this allergy may go away - just as suddenly as it came. In the meantime I try to work with it.

In addition to not eating onions, I also don't eat meat. I do sometimes eat fish and seafood.

The recipes and blog posts I am going to share on here will be a mixture of cuisines and food discoveries. I tend to do quite a bit of baking, so there will be cakes, breads and sweet yeast doughs. I  usually aim to produce lots of healthy and some 'treat' food - you gotta strike a balance, so there may be salads, juices, soups, main meals and items such as pasta made from scratch.

I hope you enjoy!

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